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观点 | 靖亚资本发布“靖亚新兴企业云指数”



Shanghai, 08 Jul 2020

We are happy to announce Eminence Emerging Enterprise Cloud Index (EEEC Index) today.


Although Chinese emerging enterprise cloud is still in its infancy stage, it has already begun to enter rapid development phase. For tracking the performance of Chinese emerging enterprise cloud and providing a market benchmark, Eminence Ventures, the leading venture capital firm laser-focused on early-stage Chinese enterprise companies, designed and published this EEEC Index.


1. Index Description: Eminence Emerging Enterprise Cloud Index (EEEC Index)


2. The Index began on 1 Jan 2020


1) 报告期指数 = 报告期成分股总市值/除数

2) 调整:




3. Calculation of index value:

1) Index value = Aggregate Adjusted Market Value/Divisor

2) Adjustments:

When an equity enters or leaves the index, both market value and divisor will be adjusted accordingly.

Divisor = (Market Value after Adjustments/Market Value before Adjustments) x Divisor before Adjustments

Divisor on 1 Jan 2020 = Aggregate Market Value on 1 Jan 2020/100.00



4. Approach to adjust the index companies:

Eminence Ventures will adjust the index equities quarterly according to the market situation.




1) 行业


2) 收入


3) 其他


5. Eligibility

Security Type: Index eligibility is limited to specific security types only. The security types eligible for the Index include public common stocks.

Eligibility Criteria:

1) Industry

The issuer of the security derives the majority of its revenue from business-oriented

software products, as determined by Eminence Ventures, which include cloud service adopting multi-tenant technologies and on-premises service adopting cloud computing technologies.

2) Revenue

The security has grown annual revenue at least 15% for each of the last two full fiscal years, as determined by Eminence Ventures.

3) Security Conditions

  • be listed on the China Mainland Market, the China Hong Kong Market, or the U.S. Market
  • a minimum market capitalization of 3.6 billion CNY, 3.8 billion HKD, or 500 million USD
  • may not have entered into a definitive agreement or other arrangement (ex. bankruptcy) which would likely result in the security no longer being Index eligible
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Index constituents as of 7 Jul 2020

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© 2020 靖亚资本

  About Eminence Ventures 

Eminence Ventures is a leading venture capital firm dedicated to China’s early-stage enterprise cloud investments. We are a long-term investor to help drive exceptional entrepreneurs who are on a mission to enable enterprises to innovate through products and cloud computing technologies. Our mission is to become the most important venture capital partner for the best entrepreneurs in China’s enterprise market.

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